Who should/can be part of Team Kansas?
While we anticipate our primary support to come from economic development entities from across the state, we are encouraging private businesses and individuals to join us as well. We have established a non-profit 501-c3 corporation for this effort, so qualifying contributions may be deductible for tax purposes. Any entity interested in the prosperity and economic growth of our state should consider participation.

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1. Why should I join/pledge to the Team Kansas effort?
2. If I pledge/join Team Kansas what will the money be used for?
3. If I pledge to Team Kansas how does it impact my participation in Kansas Commerce marketing events as have been held in the past?
4. When are the pledge commitments and contributions due?
5. When will member/donors know about the marketing plan for the upcoming year?
6. Who should/can be part of Team Kansas?
7. Will there still be opportunities for participation in the organization without a pledge to the Team Kansas marketing effort?
8. If I make a pledge to Team Kansas, how does the amount of my pledge impact the number of memberships our organization will receive?